Daughter. Christian. Friend. Coffee Addict. New Jersey Native. Photographer.
​Photography has always been a hobby of mine since I took a class in my freshman year in high school, and I haven't stopped learning! Working with a camera had given me a new pair of eyes. I learned to see things in their most basic form and shape. That's why I love macro photography. Taking more classes in college helped me branch out into portrait photography; something I was always intimidated by. My first model was my dad and working with him helped me learn how to interact with the person and the camera. I started out by working at a portrait studio in those large department stores at our local mall. My experience there had helped me become a stronger portrait photographer and I've loved taking photos of families and children ever since!​ I love capturing hidden moments, ones that go by unnoticed. Whether they are moments of waiting, excitement, peace, or even boredum, I love showing basic human emotions in my photographs. Putting those emotions on print makes them all the more unique and special. At Michelle Youssif Photography, I try to accomplish all of these things in my own work. 

Dancing in the water fountains in Philadelphia
Umbrella and Palm tree in Eygpt by the red sea
A western garden from San Diego, CA
Old van at Imperial Beach, CA at sunset
photographer capturing the bride and groom on their wedding day